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Building new worlds, together

ALTERRATIVE is an independent initiative started with a journey of 260-days in 20 different countries across 5 continents.

Along the road, ALTERRATIVE met 31 organizations, associations and informal groups involved in the struggle for defending the commons, access to natural resources and the promotion of women’s rights.

The initiative wants to tell the stories of people’s struggles focusing on the big and small victories they obtained facing oppressive political powers and large transnational corporations.

Alterrative is a made-up word that summarizes the meaning of the initiative by merging:

“alternative” (the Italian word for “alternatives”) such as those explored during the journey: new and alternative ideas, ways of living, cosmovisions, languages, religions and traditions.

“terra” (the Italian word for “earth”) as the mother land that embraces us and sustains us, but also the land as land to cultivate, contended and defended, at the center of struggles and conflicts but also essential for our survival. Finally, as the planet Earth that will travel and explore together.

Earth and alternatives, two words that will guide us in discovering and exploring new worlds that are resisting and proposing fairer, more sustainable and inclusive alternatives for the affirmation of the individual and collective rights of men, women and communities.

To know more about the project, explore A L T E R R A T I V E website!


ALTERRATIVE presentation at the Centre for Civil Society – Durban, University of kwaZulu-Natal (South Africa)

ALTERRATIVE presentation



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