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Daniela Biocca, also called Bobiu’, from the town of Grottammare, she has a size 39 foot DSCN5636the Marche Region green hills and the beaches of the Adriatic sea. She a degree in International Political Science obtained studying between Bologna, Leuven (Belgium) and Perugia. Just graduated, in 2009, she began working with the NGO CVM – Community Volunteers for the World in Porto San Giorgio, always in the Marche Region. With the same organization she worked overseas in Tanzania from 2011 until 2014, first as a volunteer and then as country representative. She has been working alongside women, girls and children, promoting girls empowerment and women’s rights, particularly through education, vocational training and microcredit. In February 2014, however, her heart lead her to South Sudan, where she reunited again with Stefano. In Wau, in the State of Western Bahr-el-Ghazal, she is managing projects focused on sustainable agriculture, food security and education for the Italian NGO Mani Tese. After four years in Africa and in the world of NGOs she decided to set out to discover the lives and struggles of female activists who imagine another role for women in the family, in the community and in contemporary society. Currently living in Amman, she splits her time between the new job with women and local communities in northern Jordan and ALTERRATIVE..

Stefano Battain, aka Teto, has a size 46 foot and a long and quick gait. He put one foot,  DSCN0172sometimes two, in most continents, first as a student, then as a volunteer and then as a development worker. The first steps in search of alternatives were in South America and then in India, Stefano has then directed his path towards the University of Birmingham to study an MSc in Poverty Reduction and Development Management at the International Development Department. Only one of the steps that have led him to touch the African ground: Sierra Leone, Tanzania and South Sudan. Stefano began as an overseas volunteer and then country representative in Tanzania, with the NGO CVM – Community Volunteers for the World, from 2008 to 2012. Then he moved to South Sudan with the French NGO ACTED, managing agricultural projects promoting food security between 2012 and 2014. The research and curiosity towards international development, its contradictions and the possible alternatives, the social dynamics as result of international policies and governments decisions, have pushed Stefano to further reflection and to analyze problems from a global perspective, to point its nose towards new horizons, as a compass that shows the different worlds yet to be discovered and where to set for the first time his footsteps. You can read some stories of his life in Africa on her blog Notas de Viaje ( www.stefanobattain.blogspot.com ). Since January 2016, based in Jordan working with local communities and refugees from Syria.

Beatriz Garcia Bonelli, has a size 37 foot. She graduated in Law at the University 12042266_10205424379988168_793977108_nof Seville in 1990. She studied a Master on European Law and attended many other courses. She did different jobs: as legal consultant for a trade union, secretary for two companies, she worked also at the Statistics Department of her town and as French and Italian translator during various conferences that took place in Sevilla. Her favourite job was the one during EXPO ‘92 in Sevilla, a wonderful experience. For love, she moved to Italy where she stayed six years and worked as a clerk at Luxottica Unified European Warehouse, after a short period in the welding and finishing department. In Italy, she used to give Spanish lessons too. After the Italian period, with her family, she returned to Spain, where she has two beautiful children and since then she is full-time mom. Her passion has always been the translations and Beatriz says : “it is a pleasure to help Stefano and Daniela in their adventure. Thanks guys !!”



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